A Multidisciplinary Guild

We are a network of freelancers with complementary skillsets who regularly meet in coffee shops all across the globe to get work done.


Meet your fellow makers here, and engage with a community that you can depend on!


We will post regular updates on our projects and let you know how the cafe is coming along!


Come see what our members are working on and find their contact information here!

Highlighted Members

Jonathan Smith

I'm a fledgling programmer whose primary goal is to build myself and refine my skillsets so that I am positioned to tackle any venture which tickles my fancy. If I had one superpower, it's my sense of intuition and my ability to mentally grapple with any problem to find its root. I enjoy working with anything linked to technology, from bare metal and software to law and society.

Evelyn Wang

Hiya. I'm the kind of person who prefers to let her work speak for her, so there isn't too much to say here. I'm a creator first and a programmer second- my passion lies in projects that let me best express myself. Currently I'm obsessed with Android and improving my knowledge in the Android SDK, from the broad things all the way down to the little and lesser known handy tricks. Programming aside, I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, and singing in my free time. I believe through creative expression, we can leave our marks on the world.

What is Makerspace Cafe?

We are a freelance guild of coders, artists, and makers who share a love of coffee. Someday, we'll run our own cafe. For now though, our goal is to make the right connections, build ourselves, master our crafts, and enjoy the occasional cup of joe. Consider the Makerspace Cafe to be a state of mind, and relish the opportunity you have, right now, to make something new.